Scarily Good Poems for Halloween!

Pumpkin lanterns

Pumpkin lanterns

I haven’t been running my hospital sessions this week, as it’s been half term. Yes, I know that hospitals don’t have terms, but Derbyshire County Council Adult and Community Education does. However, I thought I would save our brilliant poems until this week, just in time for Halloween.

Last week, we looked at Halloween traditions.¬†Until relatively¬†recently, Halloween wasn’t really celebrated in the UK, and people tend to think that the holiday was imported from the USA. However, many of our traditions actually come from the British Isles, although we carved swedes and turnips rather than pumpkins! We looked at local ghost stories as well, and really got into the “spirit” of things, by telling each other about our own spooky experiences.

A Fright at Hardwick

I didn’t think I believed in ghosts
Before I visited Hardwick Hall
I felt cold shivers down my spine
As a woman from another room did call.

There was nobody in that room
But creaking footsteps I did hear
As I stood, alone in fright,
Ghostly footsteps drawing near.

A phantom figure I did see
A lady with a ruff and a silken dress
The figure walked and passed right through me
And left me feeling in distress.

I ran downstairs as fast as I could
And quickly found a volunteer
I said “who’s the lady that lives upstairs?”
They said “It’s been haunted up there for years!”

Hardwick Hall is a National Trust property near Chesterfield

Hardwick Hall is a National Trust property near Chesterfield

Things that scare us (that shouldn’t do!)

Creaking floorboards late at night
Wind whistling through the house
Tapping branches give us a fright
The scratching of a mouse.

The radiator goes “tap tap”
The hooting of an owl
A yowling cat disturbs my nap
The neighbourhood dogs howl

The spooky film watched before bed
Eating cheese before you sleep
Shadows like a horseman with no head
All these things make me want to weep!

But everything can be accounted for
Just imagination running wild
Only weather and a creaking floor
Still makes me feel like a scared child.

Spooky shadows on the wall

Spooky shadows on the wall

Trick or Treat

Will we see some ghosts
On our spooky night-time walk?
The children trick or treating –
Who will get the most?

Everyone’s wearing costumes,
Dressed as witches or ghouls
The night is dark and windy
We won’t be taken for fools.

The ghosts are all gathering
For their midnight feast
The food is looking spooky,
Fit for a phantom feast.

But it’s really all quite tasty
Not horrible at all
There are skulls made out of pastry
And cobwebs deck the hall.

And it’s quite nice being scary
But cold and wet makes us moan.
And Halloween is lots of fun,
But it’s lovely to come home.

A traditional Jack o' Lantern made with a swede.

A traditional Jack o’ Lantern made with a swede.