A Trip to the Flicks

This week in Derbyshire hospitals, we’ve been taking a trip down memory lane to the old days of cinema. Before over-priced popcorn and huge multiplexes, every suburb, small town and even rural villages would have their own cinema. This treasured picture palace would be where dreams were create, where the imaginations of small children were set alight, where couples courted, and where people went to see what was going on in the world. In the days before TV, cinema newsreels were an essential service.

Saturday morning cinema clubs gave parents a much-needed rest, while the kids ran wild (sometimes!), throwing monkey nuts around and getting a fix of cartoons and Wild West excitement.

We wrote some acrostic poems about some of the things we talked about – I hope you like them!

Showing tonight! And Saturday morning.
(Bed)Nobs and Broomsticks
Over the rainbow
Watership Down

Winter Wonderland
Holly and the Ivy
I believe
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love you tomorrow
Every drop of rain that falls.

People queue to watch the film
Odeon cinema in Manchester
Pathe news with a crowing cockrel
Children watch cartoons
On Saturday mornings
Regal costing sixpence to get in
No noisy popcorn or smelly nachos, please, we’re British!

Trip to the flicks
Hitting me on the back of the head with ice cream
(a strange way for boys to flirt)
Excited, waiting in the queue

Roy Rogers and Trigger
Eyore – watching Winnie the Pooh
Giant gorrilla – King Kong
ABC Saturday morning club
Lone Ranger, loved by everybody!


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