Limericks for St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day this week, we wrote limerick poems about ourselves. Limericks are silly poems and can be very funny!

I hope you enjoy them! Have a go at writing your own.

St Patrick's Day leprachauns.jpg

Irish Leprechauns on St Patrick’s Day

There was a young miner called Arthur
Went looking for a girl called Martha
He took his chance
To find romance
But Kathleen became his life partner!

A dashing young sergeant called Ray
Went for a stroll one day
He felt like a frown
But when the sun shone down
He danced and shouted “hooray!”

A lovely young nanny called Masie
Liked meat and two veg with her gravy
She sat down to eat
And said “what a treat!”
And all that food made her feel lazy!

There was a young mother called Heather
Who loved to be tickled with a feather
She started to sneeze
And fell on her knees
And Dad whacked her round with a feather

There was a young lass called Karen
Who flew to the Isle of Arran
She expected some fun
Seaside and some sun
But it was just rocky and barren

There was a young man called Malc
Who plastered his walls with talc
It all fell off
When he gave a cough
And that ended poor old Malc

There was a young lady called Anne
Who jumped in a watering can
A dog drank the water
Spat out a tomata
And she came out with a wonderful tan!

There was a young gardener called Ian
Who grew some tall plants worth seein’
They kept on growing
Then he had to get mowing
With help from his friend called Liam

There was a young lady called Pat
Who wore curlers instead of a hat
A penguin at Chester zoo
Popped up and said “yoohoo!
Adopt me instead of a cat!”

A smart young deputy head
Had a troublesome pupil called Fred
He was talking in class
But she let it pass
How kind is that deputy head!

A very efficient PA
Was late to the office one day
She said “I’m so sorry
I got stuck behind a lorry
Please don’t dock my pay!”

There was a young lady called Chris
Who said “Will you give it a miss?
I’ve only had a wink
And I’m too tired to think
I’m waiting for Prince Charming to give me a kiss!”


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