Poems about gardens and springtime

Spring is starting – very gradually – to warm our bones and fill us with hope again, after a long and dreary winter that keeps sending us flurries of snow and ice long after we wanted any of them.

This morning has been different – the first day when I’ve been brave enough to head outside without a coat and scarf. It makes so much difference to be heading out into the sunshine and warmth.

The poems we wrote this week in Derbyshire Hospitals are all about gardens, and our thoughts were leaning towards spring and new life.

Beautiful Gardens 15

Everyone likes a beautiful garden

Our Ideal Garden

A good fishing venue
A lake and lots of blossom
A large spreading lawn
Secret corners to explore
Flat and smooth for getting around
On a mobility scooter or sit-on mower
A lovely place for a picnic, near the peonies.

Table and chairs – a plate of salad and a glass of wine
Watching other people garden
Colourful flowers, beautiful colours
The smell of lavender
A stream running through, with a fountain
High plants and baskets – you’d live there forever.
It would have to be very big.

A cottage garden,
With hollyhocks and hanging baskets.
Rhubarb in buckets
Small stone walls
And trees for the birds.

A nice garden chair when it’s warm.
Sitting down in the sun,
Admiring all the hard work I’ve done.
Chrysanthemums and daffodils
A growing, tidy garden
Full of tulips from Amsterdam.

A place to sit and contemplate

Lots of lavender for the smell,
Clematis – purple and white
Roses of all colours, picked carefully.
Carnations and crysanths
Sweet peas growing up a clothes post
The smell of hyacinths – blue and white.
Tulips, roses, lilies, and geraniums
Dandelions, buttercups and dasies
White clover.
A thatched cottage garden,
A nice patio to sit out in,
A sunny corner.
Garden shed, painted bright.
A place to sit and contemplate.
Get the little children to plant the bulbs
Snowdrops and daffodils they’re so proud of
Feed the birds to make them spring
The songthrush and the blackbird sing,
The swallows come visiting in spring.
Wild flowers, growing orchids
Plants in pots, lupins.
A duck pond with ducks and ducklings,
And fish swimming round.
Cherry blossom in April,
Fluttering down…

A Knee-Deep Summer Meadow

A knee-deep summer meadow
All green and lovely – full of mint.
We don’t have the weather for it.
Nice gardens are what other people have got,
One that you don’t need to do any work on.
Chats with gardens – the rose garden,
Walking through the flower beds.
You can’t do – all these young ones,
Playing around with a football.
You don’t want to get thorns in your fingers.


When it comes, you feel alright.
A breeze to get the bins whizzing
Full of optimism…
But it hasn’t come yet.
Feeling positive for the summer.
That lovely grassy smell
Of the first cut
…But it’s going to cost me a fortune buying Easter Eggs!

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