Things that cheer us up!

cheering up box

For my first creative writing sessions in Derbyshire Hospitals in the New Year, I chose the theme “Things that cheer us up”, thinking that everyone needs to think of the things that make them happy on a dark January day.

Little did I know that I would need cheering up myself as I set off to Chesterfield on Monday morning, as I reeled from the news that David Bowie had died. I had something to cheer me up though – the first creative session with the hospital patients went really well, and later on that day, one of my closest friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

Here are the poems that we wrote at Walton Hospital, and also at Cavendish Hospital in Buxton and Newholme Hospital in Bakewell. I’ve combined the Bakewell and Buxton poems into one, as the theme of the love given to us by our pets continued in the two different sessions.

I hope you enjoy the poems!


Walking – especially with dogs, makes us happy!


Things that make me happy!

Riding a Velocet motorbike fast
Stopping for fish and chips at last!
A pearl of wisdom in a good book
Time to think and a change of outlook.
Spending time with my wife in the hot sun –
It doesn’t matter where we are, she always makes it fun.
Watching shows that make me laugh on TV
Going walking with my wife – there’s so much to see!
Getting home to see my dogs, greeting me with glee
Licking my face and wagging their tails, they give their love for free!

Walking my dog round the Chatsworth Estate
Dreaming of cream teas – I can’t wait!
Listening to the guitar of Hank Marvin
The thought of steak and chips – I’m starvin’!
Reading the poetry of Dylan Thomas
Hearing my typewriter bashing out commas…

Happy Thoughts

Reeling in an enormous bream
Bigger than my wildest dream
My son visiting me
For a chat and a cup of tea
A pastel drawing of a robin redbreast –
That’s something I like doing the best
And then we heard a piano tune
Which lifted our spirits over the moon.
Good company and singing a song –
It doesn’t matter if the tune is wrong.
Finding a bargain in the sales
A day out in the Derbyshire Dales.
Riding a bike with the wind behind me
Gives me a thrill – there’s so much to see!
Singing and dancing and listening to tales.
Cosy and warm with a glass of ale.


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