Wedding Memories

A 1950s Wedding

A 1950s Wedding

This week, we’ve been looking at weddings, and we’ve come up with some great poems and little snippets. We enjoyed talking about wedding photos through the decades, from 1940s wedding dresses made from parachute silk, to crocheted fashion disasters in the 70s and white meringues in the 80s.

We talked about old traditions, such as inviting a chimney sweep to the wedding for good luck, and the bride wearing a silver sixpence in her shoe.

The Wedding

The banns are read in church
The chimney sweep is called
Three tiers of cake are iced
The aisles are filled with flowers.

The bride excitedly prepares:
Her mum’s old veil,
Her brand-new wedding dress and shoes
A necklace borrowed from her sister
A hidden garter gives her the blues
And an old silver sixpence,
Hidden under the sole of her left foot.

The groom has drunk his last few pints,
With his mates, as a single man.
Feeling nervous, and hoping
That the Best Man remembers the rings.

The relatives come from far and wide
The groom at the altar, hoping she’ll arrive.
She comes down the aisle with her father at her side.
Relief as they both say “I do”!


Love is something you deserve
Something that you earn
And something you keep forever


The guests pinned paper money
To my dress: navy and white
With matching shoes and hat…
And an absolutely gorgeous husband!


When we met, I put my arms right round her shoulders
She was one hell of a girl!
But my wedding didn’t last long.
I was always in the pub!


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