Harvest Festival Poems

This week in hospitals in Chesterfield, Buxton and Bakewell, we’ve been talking about harvest, and writing our own vegetable poems. We talked about helping out with the harvest as children, picking blackberries, scrumping apples and noisy cockerels.

Here are some of our poems. Some of them are haikus – a Japanese poetry form with three lines, of five, seven and five syllables (sometimes we cheated, but everyone seems to do that).

Harvest time

Harvest time

Harvest Poem

Help bring in the harvest fair –
A supper that we all can share.
Collecting harvest festival gifts
For those in need, their hearts we lift.

Apples and berries sweet and ripe
Some like tomatoes served with tripe!
The baker makes the harvest bread –
With a mouse running up to its plaited head.

Butterflies and bees have a final feed
Before the flowers go to seed.
Leaves that turn to brown and gold
Too soon, now the weather turns cold.



Like tiny green trees
We cut down each one to eat
To cook with cheese sauce.

Broccoli tree trunk
Solid and heavy clumps of
Green, and tasty steamed.

sweetheart cabbage


Heavy green teardrops
Give the outer leaves to bunny
Salt and pepper – delicious!



Dirty orange root
But the rabbits still love them
Goes in any stew.



Makes you cry when chopped
Unless you leave the root intact
Strong-tasting flesh.



Green peels like petals
Hairy brown, tangled top-knot
Smooth and shiny seeds.


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