Trooping the Colour – Pop Art tributes to the Queen

This week, we’ve been talking about Trooping The Colour – the annual ceremony to mark the Queen’s official birthday in June with a massed parade of the Household Division, the Queen’s personal troops. This ancient ceremony goes back to Charles II’s reign in the 17th Century, and is now an annual event in June (this year it takes place on Saturday 13th June 2015).

We also talked about how events in the Royal Family’s lives shape our own lives, whether we are monarchists or not. Most people remember where they were when the Queen’s coronation was held, when Prince Charles married Diana, when Prince Andrew married “Fergie”, when Princess Diana died, and more recently, when Prince William and Kate Middleton married and when their children were born. The Queen will be eighty years old next year, and she is a rock-solid presence in the lives of everyone who lives in Britain.

We also looked at the Queen’s taste in art – she owns a series of Andy Warhole pop art prints of herself, and we decided to create some pop art pictures of the Queen – and her beloved corgis ourselves.

The Queen

Someone had to do it –
She was thrown into it when she was young.
Very coy and shy, but she grew into it.
At the Coronation, each child got a book and an orange.
We had a party at home,
Crowding round to a neighbour’s house
To watch their brand new TV,
The picture flickering, tiny, grainy black and white.

We had a special coin for the Jubilee.
When Princess Charlotte was born this May,
Babies born on the same day got a coin too.
For the Silver Jubilee, we had a street party:
Bunting, flags, wearing red, white and blue.

I met the Queen in London – at Hyde Park Corner.
She was very softly spoken.
The Queen once came to Cromford –
Can you believe it?


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