Beautiful May Blossoms

This week in Derbyshire hospitals, we’ve been talking about May Day and making paper blossoms, which will hopefully last longer than the beautiful cherry blossom on the trees, which is over so quickly. At the moment, Sheffield (where I live) and the Derbyshire countryside, is covered in blossom, from blackthorn hedges to the ice cream pink and white of apple blossom.

We remembered union parades, maypoles with ribbons, Morris dancers, May Queens riding on farm trucks covered with greenery and blossoms, and Whit parades wearing white frocks.

However, as I arrived at Cavendish Hospital in Buxton, there had just been a blizzard, and as we talked about spring, large hailstones were falling outside the window! But by the time I’d arrived in Bakewell, the sun was shining again – and as I was driving along, I saw my first swallows. It was definitely a case of “four seasons in one day”!

Springtime in Buxton

Springtime in Buxton
Sees the snow fall
Spring cleaning indoors
Is the safest bet of all.

Taking down your net curtains
Washing all your woollies – and putting them away
But keep your winter coat at hand
Clean your windows – to see out is grand!

Making plans for May Day weekend
The plants bursting into green
Sweet peas and the blossom of fruit trees
Hanging baskets will soon be seen

Celebrating a special birthday
With cake, eating salads and fruit
Walking the slopes to see cherry blossom
Lighter evenings lift our mood.

As we come slowly out of hibernation.

Warmer Weather

Warmer weather’s here at last
please put bad weather in the past
Flowers breaking through the earth
Lambs running here and there with mirth

Blossom blowing in the breeze
All that pollen makes me sneeze
May Bank holiday – a great day off
A picnic spread on a tablecloth

Children dancing around the maypole
Let’s hope we’re not feeling cold
Morris men on the village green
The prettiest May we’ve ever seen!

Favourite things to do in May

A pint and a nice ploughman’s lunch
Gardening and pruning
Dancing around the maypole
Seeing blossom in bloom
Climbing up Froggatt Edge
Watching lambs gambolling.

Here are pictures of the paper blossoms we made, surprisingly simply, using this technique.


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