Watch the Birdie!

This week at Walton Hospital in Chesterfield, Cavendish Hospital in Buxton and at Newholme Hospital in Bakewell, we’ve been learning about the dawn chorus, and the habits and folklore about some of the UK’s most iconic songbirds. We listened to birdsong recordings and had a go at making models of birds out of clay.

We also wrote some poems called Kennings, an ancient Anglo-Saxon form of poetry in the form of a riddle. Can you guess the identity of these birds? (Answers at the bottom of this post!)

Who am I?


Night singer
Cheeky Chappie
Fierce Defender
Christmas Character
Colourful Chested
Christ Soother


Little but loud
Boring brown
Sacred king
Sweet cheeper
Secret hider
Spider stalker
Common breeder


Nest lover
Yearly visitor
Low swooper
Cat avoider
Summer arrive
Global traveller


Strong singer
Friendly featured
Branch percher
Seed cracker


Bright and bold
Bandit masked
Fluffy faced
Chirpy song
Greedy eater
Acrobatic mover


Yellow beak
Brave defender
Sleek and glossy
Early riser
Alarm clock beater
Melodious heart-lifter

Any ideas? Before you peek at the answers, here are some of our sculpted masterpieces.

Answers to kennings:

A) Robin B) Wren C) Swallow D) Chaffinch E) Bluetit F) Blackbird


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