I like to see the hills in the distance…our favourite places.

This week, the hospital patients and staff talked about our favourite places, in Derbyshire and beyond. We also looked at some stunning views, from Kinder Scout to Dovedale.

We were inspired by Helen Mort’s poem ‘Made in Derbyshire’, which you can read here, and also ‘I wandered as lonely as a cloud’, by William Wordworth, possibly one of the most famous poems in the English language, but one which still keeps the image of those lakeside daffodils fresh in our minds.

I turned the things we talked about into rhyming couplets, and I hope you enjoy reading the poems, which celebrate Derbyshire and places a little further afield too, looking forward to seaside holidays and balmy summers.


The view of the hills from New Mills


Derbyshire Magic

Walking in the Peak District’s alp-like hills –
Mam Tor shivers – it’s never quite still.
From the market bustle of Chesterfield,
To the crooked-spired church where we kneeled.

Spring’s magical hue of the bluebell wood –
But February’s snowdrops still make me feel good.
Living in Hope in the shadow of mountains;
Visiting Castleton’s caves and canyons.

The slopes of Buxton, under the trees,
Eating a picnic with mild Derby cheese.
The Octagon where we saw Beatles and Stones –
Now it’s all craft fairs for folk with old bones!

Down in the Torrs of New Mills’ river –
Millennium Walkway – in shade where we shiver;
Hugging the cliff-face and joining the path,
A walk spent with friends – always a good laugh!

The views that stretch to Kinder Scout –
Fresh air and wild country’s what it’s all about.
A brisk walk in the hills with a lively dog
Never feels like it’s hard work or a slog.

From big country houses to tiny stone circles,
Derbyshire’s full of land that’s fertile.
Bakewell pudding’s the genuine article
Our county really is quite remarkable!

Chatsworth's Cascade on a lovely summer's day! Spot the duck!

Chatsworth’s Cascade on a lovely summer’s day! Spot the duck!

Memories of Favourite Places

I like to see the hills in the distance
But to get up them, I may need assistance!
These old knees of mine make it tricky to climb
But the mountains of Mourne are still clear in my mind.

On the front at Skegness, the wind was quite chilling
We had our photos taken – the price was two shillings!
Cockles and seaweed, the air was so bracing
Spent our pennies on rock and donkey racing.

Cycling in the countryside, safe from cars
Coming back home under the stars.
We never worried as the sun beat down.
We got sunburn, but then we’d turn brown.

Walking and fishing on Bridlington Pier
Perfect memories, free from fear.
In Whitby, Dracula gave us a fright!
But we ate fish and chips on Friday night.

Bakewell pudding filling my tummy,
In Chatsworth, ice-creams were quite yummy.
Lambs frolicking and pretending to hide,
Matlock Bath lit up like the seaside.

Beautiful sights from New Year to December –
Lovely places to walk and remember.


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