Funky Fred and Dave the Cat

Last week at Newholme and Walton hospitals, we looked at modern art, with a virtual stroll around Yorkshire Sculpture park, looking at the textures and shapes of the sculptures there.

Then we got creative, using scrap materials to make collages. The participants loved making the collages. At Walton, we created Funky Fred, with staff and patients working together and sharing ideas. When we’d finished Funky Fred, we came up with a description for him.

Funky Fred was created by patients and staff at Walton Hospital

Funky Fred was created by patients and staff at Walton Hospital

Funky Fred

Funky Fred is mysterious in his mask
On his way to a fancy dress ball
With a great big smile on his face
He must be dreaming about something.

He comes from Notty Ash and looks like a punk rocker
He looks like a gypsy with his gold earring and lace cuffs
He’s quite young, and he’s having lots of fun
He’s a bit of a practical joker.

He’s not scared to wear pink –
It’s not a girly colour.
He’s wearing leather trousers but he has flat feet!


In the Riverside Ward at Newholme Hospital, I worked with a patient and his son, who said they weren’t creative at all. The nurse we were working with also said she wasn’t creative, but look at the result! Choosing the subject of a cat led to lots of chat about pets and families, and we had a really lovely time.

The result is Dave the cat, a lovely black and white cat!

Dave the cat!

Dave the cat!


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