Pancake Day…flippin’ brilliant!

On Monday, and yesterday, on Shrove Tuesday itself, we made pancakes and looked at the traditions of pancake day. The patients talked about their favourite pancake fillings as they whisked eggs and made the batter. When it was made, we heated up the oil in a frying pan (we used my special non-stick pancake pan with shallow sides), poured in the batter so that it covered the base – nice and thin, and waited until the batter was cooked and we could gently turn the pancake over. I like to flip my pancakes carefully, rather than toss them up in the air! I don’t like the thought of all that hard work making the batter going to waste.

At home, I prefer dairy-free pancakes made with almond milk and garam flour, but at Walton and Newholme hospital, we made the real thing! It was a lovely day yesterday, so we also talked about spring being just around the corner.

We also talked about Derbyshire traditions such as the Winster Pancake race, and the Ashbourne mass football game that involves most of the people in the village.

I’m revising my poetic metre (rhythm) skills at the moment, and my pancake poem is (mostly) in iambic tetrameter. That means that the lines each have eight-syllables.

Shrove Tuesday

The season slowly starts to turn –
The time of spring is coming round.
For warmth and daylight we all yearn;
A spread of snowdrops on the ground.

As Easter still feels far away,
We mark the start of growth and change
A tradition on this fine day
That some might think is very strange.

We beat the eggs and weigh the flour;
A pinch of salt in a large basin
And whisk them up with elbow power
And pour in milk, and then we hasten –

To stove-top – heat the pan with oil,
And when it’s hot, pour batter in.
Don’t wait too long, or it’ll spoil
The cooking pancake, like a skin.

To flip or toss, it’s yours to choose:
Use your spatula with great skill
Once the pancake’s cooked, you can’t lose;
The pancakes pile up: get your fill!

The toppings create much debate
Golden syrup, Lemon, sugar?
Those pancakes, won’t lose you much weight
Lent starts soon – let’s have another!


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