The things we love…

This week, the theme for my sessions at Walton, Cavendish and Newholme hospital has been “the things we love”. Using the theme of Valentine’s Day, patients and staff cut out heart shapes and filled them with the things that they loved. People soon found the things they had in common. Maybe it’s because we’re in Derbyshire, but lots of people said that they enjoyed walking in the countryside, and fish and chips, cups of tea and various alcoholic drinks were very popular! There were also some unusual or unexpected things that people loved – one patient had flown planes in the RAF, which was an experience he’d loved. One lady and a physiotherapist discovered a shared love of skiing and travelling in Europe. Other favourite hobbies included woodwork, car maintenance, theatre, tennis and watching old movies.

The exercise really got people talking and thinking about their loves in life. Family members and friends were very important, as were places where people felt rooted or had spent favourite holidays. Some people loved animals, and put their pets as their “loves”. Everyone was looking forward to warmer weather!

The things we love

The smell of a cake baking
Playing bingo
Spending time with my friends
Good food
Watching a good film on TV
Flying a plane
Nice weather – red hot
Crown green bowls
Going on holiday
Going to the pub
Going to school
Fish and Chips
Rambling over the fields
Walking my dog
Climbing mountains
Bubble bath
Birds in the garden
Holding hands
Freedom and independence
To give love and be loved in return


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