Postcard Poems

Last week on my visits to Derbyshire Hospitals, we cheered ourselves up by thinking about postcards and holidays. We looked at the history of postcards, and thought about who we’d most like to send a postcard to, and where from. The patients also got a chance to close their eyes and be taken on a journey to a beach with golden sands for a spot of sunbathing. We almost succeeded in convincing ourselves we were somewhere warmer, but when we opened our eyes, we were in Buxton, and it was snowing!

Greetings from Blackpool

Greetings from Blackpool!

A postcard from the seaside

These days,
I prefer to pick the phone up than send a postcard.
I’d rather see my friends and family in person.
I’d like to send a postcard to my sister.
I’d like to be back home,
Appreciating being at home,
A place to relax.

It would be great to be on a beach in Australia.
Somewhere warm –
Failing that, the beach in Skeggy
Any time of year, even winter
Wrapped up against the wind.

In the old days, we’d go on holiday on the bus
On the steam train to Skegness or Cleethorpes
You can see more on a coach – an exciting journey!
Looking out to see the sea for the first time.
Everything changes as you get closer
Buckets and spades outside shops, seagulls overhead.

Collecting shells on the beach,
Crabbing lines baited with fish eggs,
Candyfloss getting stuck to your nose.
Knitted swimming costumes
Ice creams, mushy peas and cockles
Fish and chips and shrimps.
Tucking your dress into your knickers to paddle
Buying souvenirs – ashtrays and paperweight
Then going home with sandy feet.


A postcard with a palm tree view will make your colleagues jealous!

A postcard with a palm tree view will make your colleagues jealous!

Wish you were here

Wish you were here
Friends and family.
Wish you were here
Cliff Richard – ‘I wish I was there with you!’
Wish you were here
Next door neighbours,
Looking after our house and pets.

Wish you were here
A postcard to work – to show off!
‘I’m on a world cruise, going over the equator!
Just going over the Victoria Falls!’
Make them jealous with a palm tree view.

Send a postcard from Buxton:
‘I wish you were here – oops – you already are!’
Send a saucy postcard or a nice sea view,
A boring picture of a roundabout in Milton Keynes.
‘I’ve been captured by the Scousers in the Mersey Tunnel!’
Wish you were here! I’m glad you’re not.

If I could send a postcard from anywhere,
I’d like to go back to Hong Kong,
Where I lived for years, and felt at home.
Skiing in France,
Safari in Africa,
Honeymoon on Jersey –
Romance and candlelight
I wish I was there…

Somewhere with a nice view - like Matlock!

Somewhere with a nice view – like Matlock!

No cheeky postcards!

Those saucy postcards are beyond the pale…
I’d much prefer pictures of a nice view –
Mountains in Derbyshire:
Kinder Scout and the Pennines,
Scotland – camping holidays
No tacky seaside resorts for me.

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