Christmas Poems by patients

Christmas poems written at Walton, Cavendish and Newholme Hospitals, December 2014

All of these poems were written together on the wards, after looking at some famous Christmas poems, such as ‘The Night Before Christmas’, also known as ‘A Visit from Saint Nicholas’ by Clark Clement Moore. We got a bit carried away by the rhyming couplets.

Apart from rhyming, all the poems are totally different. At Walton Hospital, we concentrated on Christmas traditions and feasting, while Cavendish Hospital in Buxton had its own visit from St Nick, and at Newholme Hospital, we went on the trail of a missing Christmas tree!

Christmas expectations
A Christmas poem written by the poets who didn’t know it at Walton Hospital, Chesterfield

A Christmas dinner with all the trimmings!

A Christmas dinner with all the trimmings!

Christmas cake with fruit, nuts and cherries
But do you use whisky, rum or sherry?
Hide it in a cupboard, but they soon find it!
They’re licking the bowl, but I don’t mind it.

A candle flickering on the window sill
Light one each Sunday night until…
The tree comes in on Christmas Eve
With the presents for all the kids to receive.

Look what a mess they’ve made with wrapping paper
Help to keep the children safer
Tearing off the bows and ribbons
To reveal what they’ve been given

Eating turkey at Christmas dinner
Will make sure you don’t get much thinner!
When all is done, it remains the winner
Make sure the carrots and the sprouts simmer.

Let’s open up the wine and beer
To celebrate the Christmas cheer
With plenty of chocolate, do not fear
It will last us until the New Year!

And then with relief and delight
The tree will come down on the Twelfth Night!

Santa visits Spencer Ward

A visit from Saint Nicholas

A visit from Saint Nicholas

On Spencer Ward on Christmas Eve
In Santa we all do believe
So we pour a glass and leave a pie
For the guy who flies high through the sky!

He lands his sleigh on our roof garden
Cleans the snow from his boots with a polite pardon
He puts his sack upon his back
He knocks on the door with a rat-a-tat-tat!

In he comes, let in by the porters
While all the patients are in their quarters
He fills each stocking on each bedroom door
Tip-toeing quietly across the floor.

On his way back, he drinks his tot
And back to his reindeer, waiting to trot
So off he flies, up to the sky,
With a “Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho and goodbye!”

On the ward, first thing in the morning,
Each finds a present, as day is dawning.
So happiness reigns throughout the ward
This is the day of the birth of our Lord!

Christmas is coming with a leap and a bound
By the staff, patients and volunteers at Stanton Day Hospital, Newholme Hospital Bakewell.

Christmas baubles

Christmas baubles

Christmas is coming with a leap and a bound
It won’t be long until Santa comes round
The snow is falling – there’s hardly a sound
Under the tree, the presents are found.

The birds are singing a Christmas tune
The dogs bark and the wife will be home soon
We will have fun under the moon
Carol singing, the songs of Pat Boon!

My credit card has come to an end
I’m glad – because I’ve got nothing to spend
But on Father Christmas I can depend
Having fun with family and friends.

I hope that Christmas will go on forever
It’s time to draw the curtains together.
Christmas is great whatever the weather
So let’s all go down to the Ring and Feathers!

Riverside’s Tree

Where's Riverside Ward's Christmas tree?

Where’s Riverside Ward’s Christmas tree?

Where’s Riverside Ward’s Christmas tree?
We can’t find it, it’s a mystery.
Have some Scrooges thrown it away?
What a shame – it might spoil our day!

Could it be in a dark old store room?
Phil made it his mission, and put down his broom.
He opened the door and searched high and low
And there in the corner was a twinkling glow.

From the dusty old store, he brought an old bag
Inside was the tree that made our hearts glad.
With a bit of tinsel and a shining star
The tree was admired from miles afar!

But we feared all hope was lost
All we thought was “what would it cost?”
Decorating the tree was a blast.
And thanks to Phil, he saved our Christmas!


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