A Perfect day in the Park

On Tuesday’s visit to Newholme Hospital (sadly my visit to Cavendish hospital was cancelled last week due to sickness on the ward), we talked about parks, and what would make our perfect day.

The two things go quite well together, don’t you think? A trip to the park can lift a sad day. Even when the weather isn’t great, a duck’s quack or the fresh rain on the leaves can change our mood for the better.

I seem to have developed an enthusiasm for rhyming couplets, so I hope you enjoy these catchy poems, inspired by the things we talked about in my sessions with staff, patients and volunteers.

Park Life

Feed the ducks on the boating lake –
Watch out for that cheeky drake!
The children paddling round and round,
Stay out until teatime- they’ll be brown!

Take a picnic- not too posh
Jam sandwiches and a bottle of squash.
But people watching cricket matches
Take fancy cakes and plastic wine glasses.

Try crown green bowling outside in the park,
Flat green bowling inside after dark.
Boules in France as a summer dusk falls,
Skittles echoing through the halls.

Seek a park with more thrills and spills
Nottingham’s Goose Fair fits your bill.
A huge gathering of fairs and shows.
Hundreds of stalls selling things that glow.

See strongmen, giants, and jumping fleas,
Huge vats of minted mushy peas.
Big wheels, waltzers, dodgem cars
Bring goldfish home in big jam jars.

Watch the leaves start to curl and wither,
It’s time for conkers: soaked in vinegar
Drill a hole and tie with a bit of string,
Let the conker wars begin!

Kick through golden drifts of autumn
Remember the pink spring of blossom
The home of the blackbird and the dove
Parks are where we play and love.

A perfect day…

No alarm clock to stop my snoozing.
A day to relax, do things that are amusing.
Waking up to find I’m still breathing.
Give thanks to the gift of life I’m receiving.

Every day I’m alive is unique and perfect –
My good health and mind I need to protect.
Walking the dog is a great way to start:
Fresh air and nature is good for my heart.

A day with the family coming to see me,
With no need to rush, sailing on the sea.
A leisurely drive through countryside France,
Climbing a mountain or having a dance.

Golf with friends and a drink or two,
Not having anything urgent to do.
Good company on a hot sunny day:
The times that we think of when skies are grey.

And when it rains or times are sad.
We can think of the wonderful times that we’ve had.

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